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Reminder Commander will help you create a system of reminders for important events such
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14 June 2017

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When you are working all day, it becomes quite obvious that you forget about various important events. Don’t you feel that you landed up in a mess when your beloved or daughter gets angry as you forgot their birthday? Sometime you may be embarrassed when you forget any important phone call or your office meeting. If you are experiencing such situations and want to come out of all this, then you can try using Reminder Commander 2.15 which keeps a track of all necessary things. With this software you cannot forget any of your meetings, birthdays, or any other event that is important for you. Uncomplicated to use, the software consists of the features that make it easy for you to have the record of various reminders.

With the Reminder Commander 2.15 you find setting reminders easy and set them to be shown on selected time. With the program you can set large number of reminders for different purposes. You can easily add the new reminders and set the time and message to be shown with it. You can have the set the reminder type to be weekly, daily or yearly. You can easily delete or edit the reminders as required by you. You can make the reminder active or even deactivate it. Have the reminders to be open, one-off, or periodic. You can even have the reminder history to track back the reminders so that you can get the record of all. The program provides you with popup reminders that appear in front of you to remind of the set event. You can add WAV and MP3sound files with the reminders. If you’re going to be away from your computer then you can have the reminder sent to you by email. It supports a privacy protection feature that enables you to read the reminders without being understood by others.

The Reminder Commander 2.15 software works well for setting unlimited reminders and it assists you to remember all the events without fail which earns the utility a score of 4 rating points. It sure would serve as a good assistant in your busy schedule.

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If you are a very busy person with a full working, family and social life, then you cannot go wrong with Reminder Commander. The program will help you create a system of reminders for important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, important phone calls and much more. Reminder Commander has been designed on the basis of user opinions and suggestions. This is the reason for the program's intuitive interface, which is extremely easy and comfortable to use.You will no longer feel pressured about remembering everything as the computer will do it for you. Free your mind for more important tasks, and make your life more efficient!
Reminder Commander
Reminder Commander
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